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Hi there! My name is Kadambari and I am the owner and photographer of pink window impressions.

I am in love with photography but never dreamed I'd be a photographer.. well I should say a photographer who gets paid ;)

I am a wife, a mother, a Architect/designer, a photographer and most importantly I am a constant craver to art and creativity.

I can truly say I love what I do!

I' believe there is magic in every story, and I try to capture them through my artistic eye. It feels so fortunate to be a photographer and to have the privilege of peeking through your window and show you the magic warmth & love I see in your story through my captures!

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get to know me better..


  Meet my family, my story, my constant support, my inspiration to capture everyday life!

My family made me realize how important it is to even capture the beauty of a normal day mess. My husband is from a totally opposite world (work wise) still believes in my crazy magical ideas.

He gets the sparkle in my life!

 I started just like so many other photographer moms, a mom who had a really cute squishy baby and wanted to capture every sugary magical moment of his day.  That squishy baby is now 8 years old! oh ya.. 

My little boy has been the inspiration to most of my ideas.

The magical way he sees the world, his thoughts, his dreams and his imagination. As a mom I like nothing more then documenting his every little thing. 

Whether a photographer or not, that's how we moms are.. aren't we?  

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A little about the session with me..

  I’m passionate about capturing the moment you are in right now. While it may seem like day by day nothing changes, when you look back, everything is different. Every moment matters!
These are the moments I want to capture for you. Whether it be that fussy 6 month old grin, or the tiny feature of your newborn or maybe it’s your little toddler running around the open fields. Or could be it’s your little girl's love for her favorite princess you want captured or just the incredible imagination of your boy!

No matter what it is, we will capture it and we will have lot of fun doing it because no session with me is anything close to posed, serious or quiet. Belly laughs, giggles & smiles.. I like it the candid way , as that's how you catch the real emotion of your real story!


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