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Film preserves the memories of your favorite people and the things you normally do together in a way printed photographs cannot.


films & events starts from 300$ 


This video is a story of this cute family I know, who wanted to capture the little details of their baby girl & how they celebrated their one year old’s lockdown birthday. Ankur & Saloni you guys make the cutest family together [..]

HAPPY mother's DAY!

That’s me with my little wonder on just another spring day, enjoying our lockdown days just like everyday our daily nature walks, hugs, giggles and kisses. Just what every mom is doing right now with their kids! 


 First birthday is such a precious milestone.. isn't it? Every mom & dad wants this one to be the most memorable one so were Ishika & Kshtiz, they were all head over heels for their little star boy RONAV.. isn't he Mr. charmer, he made sure to give all the expressions a photographer can wish for, totally rocked the session! love love love the way this session came out.. Our rainbow themed session.. [..]

OUT of this WORLD! event & party printable 

I blinked my eye and my baby turned eight! A day made so special.. for someone who plans and dreams about his birthday all year :) this birthday had all me choked up + made his day out of this world! Well what could be a best quarantine theme ... hmmm space! That’s what we need to maintain from each other space.. but this space was for my little space lover, past one year Neev is almost lost in his Milky Ways and galaxies. So we were sorted with the birthday theme but the question was how are we going to do this in lockdown?? I surely knew it had to be a virtual party but I truly wanted not only the birthday boy but all his buddies too deserve a good time. I wanted them to have a total party experience, so i made sure and worked on every detail to make the party box ( our explorers party survival kit) from games activities to cake and snacks everything was made handmade with love and was delivered at every kids doorstep just a day before. ( we chose kids who lived nearby, so it made the delivery of boxes a little easier) To make it exciting we put a label on the box not to open until the party lifts off, and every single thing was wrapped and labelled according to the theme. We played space bingo, then painted a space themed painting ,cut the cake and finally let kids enjoy the snacks with a space themed movie to end our party. We tried our best to make our little astronaut’s birthday out of this world !


Theme - Alice in wonderland.

These cute Invitation and Party designed for a cutest one year old as she decides to finally enter the 'wonderland' & what better theme for a ‘2020’ baby.

Pink window impressions also offers party concept consultation, theme designing and printables.

contact us for your custom theme..

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