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So, I had this vision..
of what I thought would be the perfect family picture.. I get kinda in the zone a bit and fall in love with a certain concept.. going for a whimsical/dreamy/romantic vibe! LOVE these lovely families..[..]


Oh hey I shoot not only in parks and beaches...TaDa..
This was special I had the honor of painting Toronto's first impressions on our American neighbors from Texas.

My client Rashmi who herself is a great photographer planned visiting the city to celebrate her pretty daughter's 8th birthday & came up with a request of taking family pictures in a off beat area in Toronto which also happens to be one of the most colorful and vibrant part of the city (the graffiti alley). and I could not stop myself with all the ideas popping in my head.. Urban locations has never been my style so i took it as a challenge with adding my dreamy touch to the pictures.  I say magic happens when art meets art! Likewise when creative heads meet. We did some crazy stuff on middle of the streets to get the pictures right, and I love the way the whole theme came out.
Thank you to the gorgeous family on trusting me for their travel pictures..[..] 


We love to capture playful and candid moments.. the love and laughter!

Remember your story is more then just a click. Fall is the best time to capture your story.. Isn't it?


We all love that time of the year.. Don't we? Christmas family captures are a must every year. And we want it more then just post card kinda portraits. We always want the family images to be real, candid and most importantly to show you, your story!

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