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WINTER WONDERLAND (winter theme cake smash)

Hello winter !!
How pristine does this adorable one year old look.. gorgeous right! Pink window impressions love designing sessions on your wish, this baby girl is a winter baby so we thought lets make the baby girls first birthday session winter themed .

MR. HARRY (harry potter themed session)

 "My magic session" this creative session is styled for your little one, right from fairy-tale characters to my favorite toy.. I always say kids see life in a magical way, sugar is sweeter, colors are brighter.. world of cotton candy clouds and backyard battlegrounds…The ideas truly comes from that, the magical way that children see the world, their thoughts, their dreams and their imagination! In fact every single thing about 'My magic session' begins with a questionnaire that I ask my clients to answer about their child.
So come book your session in advance and treasure the little magic of your child [..]

ONE IN A MELON (melon themed outdoor smash )

JADE IS SIX ! ( six month milestone session )

HELLO HANDSOME! ( six month milestone session )