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 One of my favorite sessions- Belly Art!!! There is just something so so magical and full of beauty! This beautiful couple are expecting their first baby. They have been waiting for long ,

as they say its a miracle baby and I was so blessed to be able to photograph

the love & joy they share!

They gave me full creative control designing this shoot. I love designing  session according to a theme and other cute things and so happy how everything came out. Light just was most amazing and the picnic theme was just perfect!! 

Simply because there is something so magical about capturing live within live. All the blessings to Richa and her husband who will become parents for the very first time in few weeks!!!! Yay!!!

HILLSIDE LOVE (engagement session)

So I had some creative ideas tuck away for special people, and my baby brother is as special as it gets! The moment he was sure on his one and only I knew what I want to do, I know this session is just a beginning to many such sessions to come, but here's what we started with! 

RONAV IS ONE! (cakesmash & family session)

 First birthday is such a precious milestone.. isn't it? Every mom & dad wants this one to be the most memorable one so were Ishika & Kshtiz, they were all head over heels for their little star boy RONAV.. isn't he Mr. charmer, he made sure to give all the expressions a photographer can wish for, totally rocked the session! love love love the way this session came out.. Our rainbow themed session..

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